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No strings attached :p

We Walk.

Who all came to see me yesterday? Did we all applaud the fact Timmy can put one foot in front of the other? Well done, Tim, congrats on the basic motor functions.

Thanks guys!

I actually got a present from Oliverrrrrrr how freaking awesome? Very awesome, we all got one. His trademark Lookout coat? Looks like this any way;

Yaaaaaay! And I am FREE FOR THE WEEKEND I might actually just spend the whole thing in bed only Oh WAIT, NO I WON'T because photoshoot, so I'm just going to be bench pressing like a gimp on gimp tablets for the next four days because Jamie as always is being too good looking to be allowed to live, and Jake... like idek what that boy has been eating but he was so freaking hot walking Topman I could spit blood... So yeah I'm not like too caught up by how I'm put together atm but no way am I being shown up by those two, no way in HELL.

I think that's prolly why Jampot and me always get thrown together- the level of competition between us is ridiculous, like RIDICULOUS. I almost stabbed him in the neck when he went blond and he DID smack me over the head when he saw that I was doing H&M too back in 2007 and we had a pretty fierce fight when we were both up for the Viktor & Rolf ad (If anyone wants to know how that turned out have a look here HA HA HAAAAA.) I don't give a care in the world to what campaign I'm on until I hear Jamie's gunning for it too.

In other news it would seem that I'm going to the Opera next week. How very cultured.


Wish id seen you man! they probaly wouldn't let me in the door ;-) Give us a text if you want a gym buddy yeah? although i guess you got your trainer an that.

Jesus opera? what did you do to deserve punishin, aint the pendulum enough?! ;-)
No you don't they don't even let me do cartwheels, or play hopscotch or anything fun, and I was wearing beige. Haha maaaybe, I get pretty competitive if I'm with someone, wouldn't wanna tire you out x

Idek ask your bf, I think we're having a girls night out.

Shush about Pendulum ;__;
you know i was there :P

business proposition for you if your game, txt me if you want to do cocktails and chat some night (asap)
I do know ♥

Sounds intriguing, I hope there's an element of danger xx
LOLOLOL how so? xxx
On so many levels. So many, many levels.
You're such a cutie.

Stop complaining about my wiles to the cat and come stroke me instead :-*
Ooooh That's a big word.

Come on, tiger, jimjams on.
I have no idea why I'm with you. You are the most infuriating person I have ever met. It makes my skin itch.
That's why.
...Shut up.


And never again did he take Boyd's last milky bar yogurt.

I told you I would get you. Game Set Match x

But I do love you, so stop sulking and come to bed so I can prove it to you xx


You are brutal. Absolutely brutal. I adore you.

... I'm not sulking.


And I'm not the king of Spain- we could play this game forever. Come get some cuddles before my arms fall off through disrepair.
Like yoghurt, only more delicious. Cheers.
Aaaaaaannny time.

p.s I charge by the hour.
Mate's rates though, surely. Don't make me call you Pretty Baby.
I think if you called me Pretty Baby my lil heart would flutter it's self off into the stratosphere ^.^
Pretty Baby was a child prostitute Tim. I think you have a skewed world view.
Omg I should REALLY start to google everything you say to me. Like EVERYTHING.

I just laughed so hard I spooked the cat and now he's grumpy AGAIN. And I'd just got him settled.
Haha. Mm. Lots of connotations for that one, to be fair. If I was kind I'd point you in the direction of the Pixies. Lucky Im not.
Can you tell I'm a natural blond? Haha I feel so thick, you always do that to me. It's partly why I like you.

First base, second base, third base, home run...

BTW way cuter than Jamie.

ALSO I saw a numberplate that was 2QT2BTRU. LOL WANT.
I KNOW RIGHT? Spoiled spoiled spoiled.

Nuh uh. But thank you ♥ you just like one million power ups.

That's pretty good, I think you should get 2LGT2Q1T and if you look into your heart of hearts I think you'll find that you agree with me.

I should buy a car... That's never occurred to me before.