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Committing verbal murder in the major 3rd degree, name's Beethoven, muthafucka, maybe u heard of me.

PACKINGGG for Madrid tomorrow! Yay! I'm so excited, this is like our first holiday together abroad ^.^ I'm like a lil kid right now I'll never sleep! We're not even like flying until after his work. Stuuuuuuupid Timmy. He's like packed three things, omg. We're staying HERE, doesn't that just look like prettiest thing you've ever seen? Omgggggg I love him he is so sweet and ugh, God, i love him.

Sooo so so Madrid, then back early Monday so he can go to work (work work work bla) and then omg Izzy... And then Isaac! Omg. Babies babies everywhere. Although Izzy really isn't a baby she's a lil lady. I'm a bit nervous tbh... Yep. But! I'm sure everything is going to be fine. We're going to be staying in Jonny's old apartment so it's gonna be like a lil holiday in it's self anyway, right? I loved that place, too, it's got a killer balcony and I like his photos... Yeah should be good.

So I met up with Mr Noir today for a little cheering up, poor thing, and he like look me to get some bubble tea because omg obsessed much? I am undecided on it, it's weird. I'm still a coffee boy. And THEN because I CAN I took him to the bestest greatest chip shop in London which means its still nothing on the ones in Birmingham but omggg so good. I got chips and gravy apparently thats really northern. I suppose it is, huh? Should be salt and vinegar huh? I don't like vinegar... Anyway they were amazing and we had good chats. I hope Mr Ferry feels better soon x

SO what else? Well Um iD came out and ha, I still hadn't opened my preview copy because lol I got all scared but like actually... I think it's like the best I've ever looked. Like I think it's my best shoot. Like, ever. And I've been doing this for like 12 years (omg 12 years.) Sooo I hope you don't mind but 'm gonna show it off here. basically every shoot I like ends up here so I can ignore the shoots I don't.

Ok, so, um remember that I did this shoot after I cut my hair myself HAHA oops. it's grown back a little now, huh? grows really fast, same with my finernails. And my stupid eyebrows and my stupid chest hair which is sparse as anything and hurts like a BITCH to get rid of. Lol, overshare, shut up you have no idea the PAIN I go through every single month. So stupid, by the end of this month I am going to look a state because I refuse to do so much as exfoliate. Ok total lie, I don't HATE myself.

Anywayyyyy without further ado here is Timmy, Jamie and Jake looking all sexy in B&W there was a mini interview with us as well but you don't get that cause I answer things like a douche, they write every single 'like' so pretty much that's all there is.

Don't you think Jake and Jamie look like brothers in this one? like they totally do, huh? Stupid pretty, and lol, fyi the reason I was staring down there is because I was making a clevage with my pecs haha, I can't believe he caught that and I'm so glad it doesn't actually look like that's what I'm doing because WAY to ruin the photo, Timothy.

O hi thar, I didn't see you come in. I'm just casually reading this sheet music, its how I spend all of my spare time. Look at those wrinkles on my frown, I'm going to ruin my face and no one will love me any more.

THEY MAKE ME LOOK SHORT. Omg. Hatred. Also in that shot you can see that I've mauled my hair haha, but it kinda looks good I think? So that's ok. My hand looks weird. Ugh ok, look away.

YAAAAAAAY JAMIE! Aaaaaaalways I wanna beeeeeee with you and make belieeeeeeve with you and live in harmony harmony OH LOVE!
Like there is nothing wrong with this photo I'm so happy we got to do this togetherrrrr. He has lovely arms. I'm not gonna tell him though.

And. This photo. Umm.Yes. That right there is definitely a man, huh? I'm not a boy anymore. That's a bit... hmmm. HMMM. I dunno how I feel. I look like an adult. I mean like I am one, and I've been one for a while, but you know, like there's nothing adolescent in that shot.

i think I quite like it though. And also how much do I feel like the gym might have been worth it? A: Very much so.

Any thoughts?


DIY hair cuts are the best ones. You look A+ in the pics, nothin wrong with not lookin liek a kid no more so long as you still got style ;-) HAHAHA why did they make you read sheet music though?!

have a good one in Madrid man

ps your mental about jimmy carr! :-p
Not when the people you usually have look after your hair give you cuts that would cost hundreds for free cause it's your job and their job on the line. I was in a lot of trouble. Thank you x I don't have ANY style, the days I get most excited are the days where I get to just wear a tee and jeans :P

I dunno why, I think cause it looks good or something,tbh I dunno why they ask me to do a lot of things.

I will, yeah! Working boo, but never for long :)

Noooo no he's handsome! He wears his hair stupid, but he is.
ahhh right fair enough - I keep forgettin people usualy dont get to flymo there hair on a whim haha

I'll just take your word on Jimmy carr ;-)