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OMG look who I got on sunday???

LOOK AT HIS SAD FACE. It's priceless, I love him, he's called Rex. Hes the best fish a boy could have, and we're going to go on adventures and solve crime. If Carrie doesn't eat him.

Um what else is new? REX, and then yesterday was my shoot for iD with the BOYS who all looked frankly illegally handsome and I hate them, that's out on bla bla bla of April, doesn't really matter though does it cause I think we ALL KNOW I'll post my our pages here so you don't need to buy it (but you should.) and I look smokin, just warning you now, so if you think it'll be too much for you to handle you should have a look anyway and see if you were right :P And OH And and and more importantly tonight is my Date with Mr Dan Ashcroft. You'll be happy to know I've aquired opera gloves and a dazzling full length gown with diamante trim. You'll look fabulous.

Take it easy kids, and remember; look left, look right, then left again!

Tim xx


I hope it's cerise. It really brings out my eyes.
ps: nice fish.
But of course- I had my stylist call your stylist.

Thanks, he says nice face.
I'm having words with Jon.

Just the face? Im hurt.
When you do make sure they're all VERY LOUD, I think he's hungover- he just called me from a Little Chef.

Well he can't see any more of you from your icons, dummy, you'll have to come meet him.

p.s you look like such a honey in that av.
Little Chef is serious business. Best get my castanets.

Meeting a fish would be the strangest.. no. Actually it wouldn't. Next time I'm lured to the Den of Excess.

.. Cheers? I think.
You're so good at being bad.

He's got total personality, you'll love each other.

Totally, I'm gonna make all the girls jealous tonight when they see you with me x
Rex is a good name. Has he got a second name? Could I suggest Goldfishberg?
He's a bit like Madonna, you know, One name- but that can be the name on his Birth certificate :P
Aww, he's dead cute! He looks so frowny haha.

IKR? It's totes my favorite thing about him ♥
Mate seriously - feel free to go on dates with him ANY time he wants to go to shit like that, i will PAY you :-p
I don't need your money that was a TOUR DE FORCE.

Thank you for letting me borrow your man <3
IKR? Talented ♥

Like kitty has been good as gold, he's had a lil look at him but no dipped paws or anything. I don't think he knows that's what a fish looks like tho tbh, he doesn't chase birds or mice either... I don't think he knows he's a cat.