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Sisters are dicks

I ♥ My Mom.

HAPPY MOM'S DAY, MOM. Even though you can't see this (Oh please dear God say you can't see this) I love you THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS much, you are my most favourite mommy ever and you know you like me better than stupid face Melissa aaaaanyday cause I AM THE BEST, YEAH!

This is my mom, how pretty is sheeeee?


Also for lol factor, look how drunk I am? That was her (sorry mom) 40th a couple of years back and I think I maybe had 2 glasses of wine and BAM totaaaalled.

Which, btw, means that anything I said or did at Pete's party after about 10pm is NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY. I'm reaaaaaaaaally sorry I made a pass at Lee but tbh if he will ALWAYS look at me like I'm from another planet I WILL notice it after the first 50 times of meeting him. Anyway he totes loved it I saw his blush. And he didn't smack me so TAH DAH! I am made of rock and roll and completely untouchable the end.

That was a lot of fun but omg boys! You're poor livers. Like legit concern- you drink like you don't want to live anymore.

So how good is it to have a month off? SO GOOD, SO SO GOOD. Ok, there's this little thing I have to do in Madrid but that is like a week away and also only three days and also MADRID and it's the weekend so guess what glorious bastard says he'll come with? So um yeah bring it on, but a WHOLE MONTH of just... home. And I feel a bit bad that I'm not seeing my mom today but I did send flowers and there will be a looong long call later and I think Milly went over so that's that done, there's one of us to see. I will be spending my first day back without a hangover trailing around after J while he shops for IMPORTANT BUSINESS TIES (This means I can't point out ones with spongebob on them. But seriously how much more impressive would he look if he could pull off shouting at someone in a spongebob tie? My point exactly.) for BUSINESS RELATED ACTIVITY and then he's taking me for lunch (♥) and then ummm Idek the movies or something and I'm gonna try to talk him into sitting at the back and pashing with me but he'll be all grown up about it and give me THE LOOK.  Then Michelle really wants a house dinner so that involves messy veggie lentil foolishness and properly divine dessert and too much pear cider as ever, I love them so much, and then idk I think maybe an early night with little sleep and then MAAAAAAAYBE I won't follow him to work the next day but I have my doubts, I truly do.

SO that's my day planned, sucks to be anyone that's not me.



Good genes.

Wish you'd wake up. Haters are hating. Why do haters always hate? Why? It was such a lovely day. Even though you made me see that shit film about the thing... yeah I don't know what actually was on the screen at all at any point.

Hey, you know how you like firsts? That was the first time I've ever (ugh I hate you) 'made out' (I can't do it without the quotations, I feel dirty.) in the cinema like that. When I was the appropriate age for it I never had the cash for the pictures, when I did have the cash I was an ADULT. Which, by the by, we are supposed to be now. So yeah, there you go. Another first.

i got really mad at DD for ripping on Sasha but he'd fought all the fire out of me, there was some really good end of discussion lines given to him but he keeps going and it's going to get really childish soon. I might have to respond with 'yeah well you smell' in a minute just so I can go to bed. You know like when all the good points have been made and it turns into I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I?? I'm really bad for needing to win these things huh? But, and lets be honest here Timothy, it's 4 in the morning and the two of us are on the internet arguing- "EVEN IF YOU WIN YOU'RE STILL RETARDED!"

Sometimes I think I miss being a bit of a bastard. You know, to everyone. That's stupid, right? it is stupid. It's better to have friends etc etc. But I dunno Timbob. I'm so irrational about them. I feel a lot weaker now than I used to.

So it's really late now, and I'm going to end up soul vomiting all over this comment box soon, and I didn't mean to. I think the main point was... I love you. I had a good day today. You're super special awesome.

Thank you for making me less of a bastard.

Jonathan x


well SO HOW ABOUT how Lj broke for five hundred years? I've seen you now. pointless reply is pointless, but here's what I wrote at NINE this morning-

Omg look at all the sleepy-Jon talk. Haha, you're too cute for words.

I was asleep like a normal person, why were you up? And more importantly why did you have any energy left to get up?? I'm like so conflicted, part of me is pissed off and the other part is curious to see how much it takes to keep you down :P

Omg really? I LOVE firsts. That's a really good first, thank you for telling meeee even though I bet you'd rather hug a squid ♥ I deliberately picked a really awful looking film though, so we won't have missed out.

I just read it. Honey what were you doing arguing with some douche at four am, he doesn't matter to you. I bet Sasha would just shrug it off. You're dead sweet though, I don't think anyone could fault you for trying to stick up for your friends, even if you are an idiot about it. I'm proud that you left it, because yes it would have degenerated down into that.

It's understandable. Baby when you spend so long building up walls you never really want to tear them down. You forget that these barriers go up brick by brick, slowly. You don't have to change over night, and you haven't, but you've changed from when I first met you, and I don't think that it's for the worse. If you must see it as one then let me tell you it's a good weakness, to be affected by people. The same people can also make you stronger- not with bricks and mortar but by standing by your side.

That's your weekly quota of inspirational propoganda used up btw.

Oh Jonny don't make me weak at the knees when you're not there to catch me :P I love you too you twit, it was a very good day, and you're not so bad yourself.

Thank you for letting me.

Moth x


It so completely wasn't pointless. And now you're getting woken up, but when you stop being grumpy about that, this was why.
aw you an your mom are so cute <3
Thank youuu ♥
Pretty!!! My mom wasnt home and its not mom day over there neway but still, boo.
LOL well, hello there, Tim and Dajve high as kites.

I know right? My mom gets two mother's days... I think she planned it.
can see where you get your looks from!

You still owe me pizza hut ;-)
I know right? It's not from Dad ha, he's good lookin' but he's such a MAN where as I'm a lil princess clearly :P

Ummm Yep yep totally! I'm off to Madrid this weekend and then the first week I don't wanna bail on J and his baaaabies but the week after? I'm basically on holidays for all of April it's ammmmmazing, so pencil me in, Mr Dj x
Well yeah course you are princess ;-)

you back from madrid? jesus my memory. I think we almost missed April?! How about this Thurs?