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omg shhhh stop talking.

Ho hum I miss my boyfriend, la la laaa. You know something it's been like aaaaaaalmost three months, right? But added up I've been away for almost a month (29 days.) so ugh. it's still butterflies. Like all my job really means is now he gets to watch me eat chips and do my nails on different sofas in other countries cause of skypey skype, poor Jonnyyyyyy. I'm so over Sweden already, bored bored bored. I wanna come hooooooome :-(

Which I will be doing late late laaaaate tomorrow night so yays! And oooh my our iD cover issue is out soon... I can't wait to see how thats gonna look, J says they've sent me my precopy buuuut I'm kinda indisposed to get to my mail right now and he won't open other peoples mail EVEN IF you ask nicely. Which I suppose is quite honorable but WHATEVER, I need to know if I look pretttttty ;__; I'm a lil bit obsessed with this shoot actually because it looked really awesome at the time and Idek I'm getting so nervous that I just built that up i my head?

Ok, also, there are these girls doing this job with me? And I'm not going to name drop but HOMG you think these girls are gonna be like Disney princesses or something cause they're like the most famous most beautiful women in the world but they have such SUCH dirty habits, omg, one of them bites her toenails. HER TOENAILS. I mean props for the flexibility but HOW DO YOU EVEN FIND OUT YOU CAN DO THAT?? AND ONCE YOU DID WHY WOULD YOU EVER CONTINUE TO DO SO? Gross, seriously gross.

it got me thinking though, I don't have any like... habits like that. How boring? I don't bite my nails or pick scabs or burst spots. When I was little I had quite a mild case of trichotillomania but I don't think that counts as it's a condition not habit. But JON. Jon has loads of tics, LOADS of tics, he has so many that lots of people don't even register them as tics (sorry baby I'm analyzing you, sucked in) like for example if he's embarrassed he holds the back of his neck really tightly because he blushes there, and if he feels uneasy he bites the joint of his thumb, and when he's really really happy he whistles like a lil birdy and you'd SWEAR it was an actual sparrow or something. But my favorite (of course) is when he twitches his nose if you say something he doesn't like, which means he does it aaaaaaaaall the time when I'm about. If it's just one twitch its something he's not even properly registered, but if freezes it mid twitch you're in for trouble.... bet he's doing it right now, I should shut up :P 

I miss himmmmmm. Lame, I've been here for like a week. I'm like one of those really sad lil housewives that actually live for their husband, huh? How uncool. I don't care though, it makes me happy. I would do him boxed lunches and things if I could cook... I mean I could pack him a pot noodle but that wouldn't be the same, huh? and tbph I think what he does for lunch is eat crisps and play save the queen with Mr Ashcroft.

Ok I just like ate half a tub of peanut butter with a spoon while I've been sitting here typing. Internet is the devil, think I'm gonna go for a swim...

J can we get a pool? Kthanx.

One more sleep. And then I have all of April off. And Izzy is coming, and Isaac. I'll get to play mommy. I might have to bake cookies.

God help those poor children.



Probably not wise on the uneasy thing, tends to put one at a disadvantage when one is defending ones co-editors remarks to the press.


Christ, you're getting gayer by the second, by the by.


He sent me an email of him flipping the bird at me- asking what that one meant- but there was kisses so I think I got away with it.
I left out that double tut he does when he's trying to think up a suitable lie. 'It's not lying, Timothy, it's bending the truth.'

Not possible, I've been this way since the day I was born. Don't worry though you'll catch up to me eventually x

p.s stop using pretty av's at me or I'll come over all peculiar.


Oh you are loved. And good job, that's got us out of more spots than the lawyers.

Unlikely. Natural born leader.

Get away with you.


IKR? Haha I bet- Jon comes with his own soundtrack. There's this hum I'm still trying to work out but I'm getting there.

Where I come from they spell fabulous T I M.

Don't act like you don't know what you're doing, because we both know you do :-*


I won't spoil it for you.

Where I come from they spell Tim T I T.

Shut your trap.


No spoilers, that's cheating

Yes but you went to school up North so that's not really your fault.

Ooooh rawr, go catch some salmon x


Alls fair in love and, etc.

Haha. Fuck off.

Re: /screened/

Alls fair in love and et cetra might possibly be the name of that man's autobiography.

I miss you x


If he ever allowed one.

Well you great fanny, if you're about at the weekend come down and have hair of the dog with me at the Gun. Pints in an actual pint glass, the novelty.

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I think he would if he did it himself, but I can't guarantee he would write about his own life and not that of our cats.

Yeaaah okies ^.^ I was only kidding about the martini glass, silly, I drink from the bottle cause I'm an uncultured Yank. Learned to drink beer with my daddy it's about the only thing I do like a man.


To be fair, not too dissimilar.

Small mercies. Still, bottled beer is an unbearable sadness, cheer a man up.


Jon catches more mice.

Omg ok, but if we're drinking in pints I have a three pint limit before I'm drunk, warning you now.


More crabs as well.

You and most of the world, I'll pace you.


Um, excuse me, We don't have crabs. How common.
We have lobsters.

No I mean like catatonic drunk, I'll tell you you're my best friend and pick a fight with the table next to us drunk, that sort of drunk.

I've really upset myself with the thought of pubic lobsters, I think I'm getting J's fear of the sea.
biting toe nails?! ugghhhh that sounds horrible.
I KNOW RIGHT?? It's totes grim and they do it RIGHT in front of me. UGH.
Oh god ur like a fairy godmother. WEAR GLITTER x
Except I'm not one so there will be no magicing away the food poisoning I end up giving every one...

But Of Course xx
Interestin crib sheet on your boyfriend there, man ;-)

OK you HAVENT tried to bite your toenails?! Thats like sayin you never tryed to suck it yourself! you try just to see if you can, man! I can well bite my toenails. I dont, but i could if i want hahaha
Oh like that's any of his interesting ones, anyone could notice those.

EW. You are so gross I don't know how you can stand it. EW EW EW.
No, id be gross if I actualy DID bite my toenails :-p
You've CHECKED though, and I know that now.

I dumped my first ever ever boyfriend cause he ate mud. We were 7, I made him sign divorce papers...
I've checked a lot of things mate, i promise not to tell you in future or you might get permenent trauma!!

HAHAHAHAHA 7? I wasnt even into GIRLS when i was 7! (OK i might of been a bit :-p) please tell me you aint kiddin about the divorce papers?!
Please don't, yeah.... haha x

Yeah 7, He lived next door to us and always tried to kiss me and everyone thought it was kinda cute, he didn't understand I was a boy like him I don't think. I don't think i liked him back but I liked that he'd give me flowers.
I'm not kidding, my mom still has them, she thinks they're hilarious, I spelled it deforse.
dont you ever go though, just... i wonder if i can fit my entire fist in my mouth? Stuff like that?!

ah man thats hilarious, were you a proper pretty little blond kid? Dont tell me he thought you were a girl? Thats well cute! Deforse haha, no wonder she kept it!
Nope. I've been ASKED if I can, so I know the answer to that one actually (Aaaalmost, but i have big hands and too pouty a mouth).

Yeaaah well I'm a twin and my twin is a girlie and we're identical twins although not so much now because lolpuberty but when we were lil we matched and we looked like little girls because I wouldn't have my hair cut unless she would...
See, there you go, dont you feel better for knowin?! I can fit mine in. Big gob hahaha!

no way, you got a twin? Thats wicked :-D she a model an all?