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I am so hungoverrrrrrrr. Idek what HAPPENED last night, I spent far too much money and I lost a scarf. PASHMINA. I'm not too fussed about the scarf, serves me right, but that was an absolute disgusting amount of money to spend on drinks, I'm actually hideous, bad BAD boy.

Pear & Cucumber Gin Fizz though- omg. Hendrick’s gin, Xanté pear Cognac, lemon juice with soda. I could actually drink those everyday for the rest of time ever. I want one NOW. And Peach & Elderflower (lol Elderflower) Jacquiri. And um what else? Miss Violet De Mûre- which is Belvedere vodka, Crème De Violette, Crème De Mûre, cranberry & lime juice annnnnd Prosecco? I think. When I lived in LA for a bit with Jamie we were barmen :P Cocktail boys, we made so much money from the insanely rich just for looking pretty and pouring drinks. Theatrical though, I liked that. So long ago nowwww. AND NOW I'M THE IDIOT RICH. Ffs Timmy, time to wake up.

If you can't tell I'm all guilt ridden today. a MORAL hangover? Omg no way! Yes way. I told J and he's like 'So?' but it's DIFFERENT for him all his money is from hard work and idk he's not very materialistic (except for his bloody SNEAKERS omg, enough.) and idk, he's good with money, spending wise and saving wise, where as I just feel guilty AAAAAAAALL the time over everything I buy. I'm such a suckerrrrr for pretty drinks :-/ Jamie spent LOADS MORE and he's not even hungover- how much does he suck? I'm all clingy cause he's going home on Sunday :-( Stupid NY. He wants to get back to Behati and omg who could blame him I'm no substitute for that lil lady

DOESN'T IT JUST GIVE YOU TOOTHACHE?? I'm so in love with people being in love atm, Spring approaches, lovelies.

Today I think I'm going to take Rex to the park and let him have a little run around, get some exercise. I wanna stretch out on the grass and feel it on my skin. Fuck I'm so ready for summer, omg, roll me about in it, J has grass smelling shower gel and glares when he catches it on me but idec, shut up, baby. Come to the paaaaaark.

I might even make a picnic.

Well... I'll buy a sandwich and eat it there. Off of a plate, I don't want any nature to get into my sandwich.


i miss spring too, love tee-shirt weather, but winter accessories are sooo much better than warm ones weather ones. an its nice to get all warm an snuggley in a buncha blankets when its cold an drink hot chocolate.
No waaaaaaay, sunnies! Sunnies are officially the best accessories of all time it's like SCIENCE or smth :P

Yeaaaah I like winter until after xmas and then it's like I'M DONE WITH THIS NOW but the seasons never listen to me. i like fall ♥ fall and spring then summer and winter.
you can totally wear sunglasses in the winter, just cos its cold dont make it not sunny out :P

fall is by far the best season ever though. i love steppin on crunchy leaves.
Um Hello, how long have you been back in London? GB was GREY all winter, totally depressing.

Ooh <3 totally. I love all the Brown as well, Orange and Browns... it's real pretty.
Why would you spoil quality gin with all that shite? Pear cognac, Jesus wept.
You wouldn't say that if you had one. Instead you'd say 'Tim, Idek how I have denied myself such joy for so long, I was living in the dark and now you have lit up my life. And the drink was quite nice too.'
How does one pronounce Idek then? Just so I know when the time comes.
eye dee ee kay, but I will also accept eye dee eek!

say it out loud and fast and it will sound like you know some Japanese ^.^
Hahaha. I give up.
cocktails ftw forever <3 i want to get Lindsay to agree i can build a bar in our living room :P club tropicana theme or something lmao, we can have the BEST house party's
In your living room? Good luck with that :p Come to a compromise and have it as one that sort of folds out of a wall? Like one of those secret sex beds but you know, a bar instead.
The real crime here is the MIA pashmina. RIP good friend.
It's pretty sad yeah, I had some time in mourning but I think soon I will be able to move on and perhaps think about seeing other scarves.
Those cocktails sound well fancy. I never even heard of Elderflower, haha

I reckon you shouldn't feel bad about spendin money if you got it to spend, though. That's the whole point of money, ain't it?
They are, that's why they can ask for blood when you agree to drink there. Oh Honey you can get Elderflower cordial? My Gran liked it, it tastes weird tho Idk whats wrong with diluting orange.

I'm saving up for smth real special though, so it makes me feel like a dick. it's my own issue tbh, and I only ever think it over my money- anyone else can do what they want with theirs. I have a lot of rules for me that I don't apply to others.
I dunno, it sounds well weird drinkin anything what's made from a flower in the first place, haha.

Ah yeah, that's dead hard. I hate savin up for anything cos I'm so bad at it. Good luck!
The only grass I wanna see in my mouth region is the stuff i am SMOKING PLZ. Grass on ur toes is totes cute tho xx
No one said ANYTHING about mouth region :P

I love the smell of grass though, omg. He's grass and sandalwood and patchouli on his skin, and Antidote by V&R on his shirts, and bedhead in his hair, and then leather and spearmint. I think I coulda been a sniffer dog in another life.