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Apr. 7th, 2011


Committing verbal murder in the major 3rd degree, name's Beethoven, muthafucka, maybe u heard of me.

PACKINGGG for Madrid tomorrow! Yay! I'm so excited, this is like our first holiday together abroad ^.^ I'm like a lil kid right now I'll never sleep! We're not even like flying until after his work. Stuuuuuuupid Timmy. He's like packed three things, omg. We're staying HERE, doesn't that just look like prettiest thing you've ever seen? Omgggggg I love him he is so sweet and ugh, God, i love him.

Sooo so so Madrid, then back early Monday so he can go to work (work work work bla) and then omg Izzy... And then Isaac! Omg. Babies babies everywhere. Although Izzy really isn't a baby she's a lil lady. I'm a bit nervous tbh... Yep. But! I'm sure everything is going to be fine. We're going to be staying in Jonny's old apartment so it's gonna be like a lil holiday in it's self anyway, right? I loved that place, too, it's got a killer balcony and I like his photos... Yeah should be good.

So I met up with Mr Noir today for a little cheering up, poor thing, and he like look me to get some bubble tea because omg obsessed much? I am undecided on it, it's weird. I'm still a coffee boy. And THEN because I CAN I took him to the bestest greatest chip shop in London which means its still nothing on the ones in Birmingham but omggg so good. I got chips and gravy apparently thats really northern. I suppose it is, huh? Should be salt and vinegar huh? I don't like vinegar... Anyway they were amazing and we had good chats. I hope Mr Ferry feels better soon x

SO what else? Well Um iD came out and ha, I still hadn't opened my preview copy because lol I got all scared but like actually... I think it's like the best I've ever looked. Like I think it's my best shoot. Like, ever. And I've been doing this for like 12 years (omg 12 years.) Sooo I hope you don't mind but 'm gonna show it off here. basically every shoot I like ends up here so I can ignore the shoots I don't.

Ok, so, um remember that I did this shoot after I cut my hair myself HAHA oops. it's grown back a little now, huh? grows really fast, same with my finernails. And my stupid eyebrows and my stupid chest hair which is sparse as anything and hurts like a BITCH to get rid of. Lol, overshare, shut up you have no idea the PAIN I go through every single month. So stupid, by the end of this month I am going to look a state because I refuse to do so much as exfoliate. Ok total lie, I don't HATE myself.

Anywayyyyy without further ado here is Timmy, Jamie and Jake looking all sexy in B&W there was a mini interview with us as well but you don't get that cause I answer things like a douche, they write every single 'like' so pretty much that's all there is.

Apr. 3rd, 2011

Sisters are dicks

I ♥ My Mom.

HAPPY MOM'S DAY, MOM. Even though you can't see this (Oh please dear God say you can't see this) I love you THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS much, you are my most favourite mommy ever and you know you like me better than stupid face Melissa aaaaanyday cause I AM THE BEST, YEAH!

This is my mom, how pretty is sheeeee?


Also for lol factor, look how drunk I am? That was her (sorry mom) 40th a couple of years back and I think I maybe had 2 glasses of wine and BAM totaaaalled.

Which, btw, means that anything I said or did at Pete's party after about 10pm is NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY. I'm reaaaaaaaaally sorry I made a pass at Lee but tbh if he will ALWAYS look at me like I'm from another planet I WILL notice it after the first 50 times of meeting him. Anyway he totes loved it I saw his blush. And he didn't smack me so TAH DAH! I am made of rock and roll and completely untouchable the end.

That was a lot of fun but omg boys! You're poor livers. Like legit concern- you drink like you don't want to live anymore.

So how good is it to have a month off? SO GOOD, SO SO GOOD. Ok, there's this little thing I have to do in Madrid but that is like a week away and also only three days and also MADRID and it's the weekend so guess what glorious bastard says he'll come with? So um yeah bring it on, but a WHOLE MONTH of just... home. And I feel a bit bad that I'm not seeing my mom today but I did send flowers and there will be a looong long call later and I think Milly went over so that's that done, there's one of us to see. I will be spending my first day back without a hangover trailing around after J while he shops for IMPORTANT BUSINESS TIES (This means I can't point out ones with spongebob on them. But seriously how much more impressive would he look if he could pull off shouting at someone in a spongebob tie? My point exactly.) for BUSINESS RELATED ACTIVITY and then he's taking me for lunch (♥) and then ummm Idek the movies or something and I'm gonna try to talk him into sitting at the back and pashing with me but he'll be all grown up about it and give me THE LOOK.  Then Michelle really wants a house dinner so that involves messy veggie lentil foolishness and properly divine dessert and too much pear cider as ever, I love them so much, and then idk I think maybe an early night with little sleep and then MAAAAAAAYBE I won't follow him to work the next day but I have my doubts, I truly do.

SO that's my day planned, sucks to be anyone that's not me.

Mar. 31st, 2011


omg shhhh stop talking.

Ho hum I miss my boyfriend, la la laaa. You know something it's been like aaaaaaalmost three months, right? But added up I've been away for almost a month (29 days.) so ugh. it's still butterflies. Like all my job really means is now he gets to watch me eat chips and do my nails on different sofas in other countries cause of skypey skype, poor Jonnyyyyyy. I'm so over Sweden already, bored bored bored. I wanna come hooooooome :-(

Which I will be doing late late laaaaate tomorrow night so yays! And oooh my our iD cover issue is out soon... I can't wait to see how thats gonna look, J says they've sent me my precopy buuuut I'm kinda indisposed to get to my mail right now and he won't open other peoples mail EVEN IF you ask nicely. Which I suppose is quite honorable but WHATEVER, I need to know if I look pretttttty ;__; I'm a lil bit obsessed with this shoot actually because it looked really awesome at the time and Idek I'm getting so nervous that I just built that up i my head?

Ok, also, there are these girls doing this job with me? And I'm not going to name drop but HOMG you think these girls are gonna be like Disney princesses or something cause they're like the most famous most beautiful women in the world but they have such SUCH dirty habits, omg, one of them bites her toenails. HER TOENAILS. I mean props for the flexibility but HOW DO YOU EVEN FIND OUT YOU CAN DO THAT?? AND ONCE YOU DID WHY WOULD YOU EVER CONTINUE TO DO SO? Gross, seriously gross.

it got me thinking though, I don't have any like... habits like that. How boring? I don't bite my nails or pick scabs or burst spots. When I was little I had quite a mild case of trichotillomania but I don't think that counts as it's a condition not habit. But JON. Jon has loads of tics, LOADS of tics, he has so many that lots of people don't even register them as tics (sorry baby I'm analyzing you, sucked in) like for example if he's embarrassed he holds the back of his neck really tightly because he blushes there, and if he feels uneasy he bites the joint of his thumb, and when he's really really happy he whistles like a lil birdy and you'd SWEAR it was an actual sparrow or something. But my favorite (of course) is when he twitches his nose if you say something he doesn't like, which means he does it aaaaaaaaall the time when I'm about. If it's just one twitch its something he's not even properly registered, but if freezes it mid twitch you're in for trouble.... bet he's doing it right now, I should shut up :P 

I miss himmmmmm. Lame, I've been here for like a week. I'm like one of those really sad lil housewives that actually live for their husband, huh? How uncool. I don't care though, it makes me happy. I would do him boxed lunches and things if I could cook... I mean I could pack him a pot noodle but that wouldn't be the same, huh? and tbph I think what he does for lunch is eat crisps and play save the queen with Mr Ashcroft.

Ok I just like ate half a tub of peanut butter with a spoon while I've been sitting here typing. Internet is the devil, think I'm gonna go for a swim...

J can we get a pool? Kthanx.

One more sleep. And then I have all of April off. And Izzy is coming, and Isaac. I'll get to play mommy. I might have to bake cookies.

God help those poor children.

Mar. 5th, 2011



I am so hungoverrrrrrrr. Idek what HAPPENED last night, I spent far too much money and I lost a scarf. PASHMINA. I'm not too fussed about the scarf, serves me right, but that was an absolute disgusting amount of money to spend on drinks, I'm actually hideous, bad BAD boy.

Pear & Cucumber Gin Fizz though- omg. Hendrick’s gin, Xanté pear Cognac, lemon juice with soda. I could actually drink those everyday for the rest of time ever. I want one NOW. And Peach & Elderflower (lol Elderflower) Jacquiri. And um what else? Miss Violet De Mûre- which is Belvedere vodka, Crème De Violette, Crème De Mûre, cranberry & lime juice annnnnd Prosecco? I think. When I lived in LA for a bit with Jamie we were barmen :P Cocktail boys, we made so much money from the insanely rich just for looking pretty and pouring drinks. Theatrical though, I liked that. So long ago nowwww. AND NOW I'M THE IDIOT RICH. Ffs Timmy, time to wake up.

If you can't tell I'm all guilt ridden today. a MORAL hangover? Omg no way! Yes way. I told J and he's like 'So?' but it's DIFFERENT for him all his money is from hard work and idk he's not very materialistic (except for his bloody SNEAKERS omg, enough.) and idk, he's good with money, spending wise and saving wise, where as I just feel guilty AAAAAAAALL the time over everything I buy. I'm such a suckerrrrr for pretty drinks :-/ Jamie spent LOADS MORE and he's not even hungover- how much does he suck? I'm all clingy cause he's going home on Sunday :-( Stupid NY. He wants to get back to Behati and omg who could blame him I'm no substitute for that lil lady

Look how sweet they are omg <3Collapse )
DOESN'T IT JUST GIVE YOU TOOTHACHE?? I'm so in love with people being in love atm, Spring approaches, lovelies.

Today I think I'm going to take Rex to the park and let him have a little run around, get some exercise. I wanna stretch out on the grass and feel it on my skin. Fuck I'm so ready for summer, omg, roll me about in it, J has grass smelling shower gel and glares when he catches it on me but idec, shut up, baby. Come to the paaaaaark.

I might even make a picnic.

Well... I'll buy a sandwich and eat it there. Off of a plate, I don't want any nature to get into my sandwich.

Mar. 1st, 2011



OMG look who I got on sunday???
It's freakin' IMPOSSIBLE to get a good picture of a fish! So naturally Jon did it on his first go -___- Collapse )
look up


((usual Tim Warnings apply.))Collapse )

Feb. 24th, 2011

No strings attached :p

We Walk.

Who all came to see me yesterday? Did we all applaud the fact Timmy can put one foot in front of the other? Well done, Tim, congrats on the basic motor functions.

Thanks guys!

I actually got a present from Oliverrrrrrr how freaking awesome? Very awesome, we all got one. His trademark Lookout coat? Looks like this any way;

What £300 of wool looks like.Collapse )

Yaaaaaay! And I am FREE FOR THE WEEKEND I might actually just spend the whole thing in bed only Oh WAIT, NO I WON'T because photoshoot, so I'm just going to be bench pressing like a gimp on gimp tablets for the next four days because Jamie as always is being too good looking to be allowed to live, and Jake... like idek what that boy has been eating but he was so freaking hot walking Topman I could spit blood... So yeah I'm not like too caught up by how I'm put together atm but no way am I being shown up by those two, no way in HELL.

I think that's prolly why Jampot and me always get thrown together- the level of competition between us is ridiculous, like RIDICULOUS. I almost stabbed him in the neck when he went blond and he DID smack me over the head when he saw that I was doing H&M too back in 2007 and we had a pretty fierce fight when we were both up for the Viktor & Rolf ad (If anyone wants to know how that turned out have a look here HA HA HAAAAA.) I don't give a care in the world to what campaign I'm on until I hear Jamie's gunning for it too.

In other news it would seem that I'm going to the Opera next week. How very cultured.

Feb. 19th, 2011


Date Night with Colin Firth.

Sooooo hello! Back from NY, yes yes I am, it was AWFUL and I cut all my hairrrr cause I'm stupid, and Jamie got me drunk the day before I was on the walk and I had to eat a pickled egg cause i lost a bet and I was practicly suicidal but then it was AMAZING and yeaaaaah yay! Yay yay yay it was so good and everything is lovely and blue birds and butterflies and ta la la! < happy.

I almost broke Jo's trachea though, oops, he's all bruised... tbf on me he like totally snuck up on me, in the dark, when I was sleeping. What? Totes his own fault. I'm tougher than I look, lets leave it at that ^.^

Mondaaaaay was fun :D I'd done my don't talk just walk the day before (STRUT.) but i still had to go show face, bla, decor... I didn't wanna, obviously, cause HELLO, but we did for a little while, and then we just idk did touristy crap stuff all day and it was lovely and he got all excited about the yellow cabs and the pigeons (like two reels of film- pigeons and yellow cabs. What is that about? but about three of me me me :P ) and then when it was sort of allowable bought a load of naughty food (Naughty as in I shouldn't eat it in on fashion weak week, not naughty as in unruly cabbage or obscenely shaped sandwiches. Although- I do know a place...) and locked ourselves away and OH MY GOD, ok, no one is ever to put a slur on Valentines day ever again because it's actually brilliant and a total excuse to be as disgustingly romantic as you want, and everyone should have their name spelled out in M&M's at least once a year, the end.

Tuesday was much the same.

Wednesday even more so. And then we missed our check in time, oops. It's alright though, we played invisible checkers and invisible ping pong and invisible supermario cart (he beat me six times ;__; but I owned him at ping pong.) and it didn't SEEM like six hours but it was, and then the flight back was AWESOME and the attendants were really cool and let me just squash in with him for like over half the flight, like ok he WAS trying to sleep cause he had work like the minute he got off the plane but I had QUESTIONS, damn it. Like how does the plane stay in the air, and how do the windows stay in the side of the plane, and why the water comes in little plastic houses (the answer to all of these questions is magic, btw) and so might have been my fault he looked like a bush baby all Thursday (ever staring eyes) but... shh. It's not like I got to sleep, I got in and Shell wrestled me into plastic gloves and was like 'time to bleach my roots, hope you like AMMONIA.' so that was totes distressing and uncalled for, and then I went to get Jo and haha sleep-deprivation!Jo might be my new favourite Jo, he's a bit of a machine- no tree remained unclimbed, no stranger unfriended.

Tonight was a DC outing to the cinema, well, a scaled down DC, just Michelle, Dan and Jo, and me (I'm a mascot) and we saw The King's Speech. believe the hype, omg it was so awesome, I nearly cried twice and I'm not that weepy at films ever, the cast was superb, I adored it, I might go again. I might be able to convince Milly because she has a thing for Colin Firth as apparently does EVERYONE. Jo and Dan, btw, Oh my Gosh. Control yourselves, you animals. I think one of them might have actually whimpered when Firth was in uniform, and Michelle got all stupid over Helena and I'm just sat there like ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION TO THE GLORY OF THIS SCRIPT? Honestly, I think you could ask the boys which king Firth was playing and they'd be all UUUuuuuummmmm *furious googling*.

(George VI, guys, George VI)

haha it's quite cute really, I think of them as proper respectable grown ups that don't do crushes and then they just fall apart like teenage boys at some sad eye'd reluctant king :P Jon shouldn't even surprise me, you just need to mention Damon Albarn and he falls to pieces, and don't get him started on Bob Dylan, because you will be there for an hour of your life listening to exactly how he influenced every single musical genre ever, including anything from the renaissance and also he taught Jesus everything he knows. In fact Dylan is probably the reason why planes stay in the air.

Anyway! I have had a brilliant week, I hope you all have too,


Feb. 9th, 2011

You&#39;ve floored me.

shut up stomach shut up shut up.

If you ever wanna know how to have a good time in Heathrow then come here with me. I know where does the best coffee, which duty free is actually worth it, and one of the baggage boys always lets me have a go in his cart ;)

SERIOUSLY I might as well get a lil house here. Right in the middle of the runway, can you imagine? I could sleep through it, if I can sleep through a never ending stream of Drum and Bass filtering in from the floor above me and BOB DYLAN next door AND pub closing time then I can totally sleep through a poxy little jet engine. 

I'm really bad for updating this thing at airports or when I'm just back, it's basically like a log of my work with a few side notes. there's enough blogs about my work out there already (Srs. and fan art. I cried, Bunny laughed) I should really put down life stuff. Stupid spring campaigning kind of makes this my LIFE ANYWAY.

For example biggest news is like I lost four pounds. Which brings me under a healthy BMI by a pound and they don't even care, I could starve to death and they'd just take pictures and call it my best shot yet. Actually it's quite nice to be starving when you're doing runway, it makes you actually feel like a model rather than what I feel like usually (a boy being shouted at for ruining photos with excessive lard) and idk, it gives you a mean look and that's kinda saucy.

I'm so tired. Ugh. I think I'm typing just for something for my eye's to focus on. This is so stupid I'm not actually walking for days I don't know why he's making me go for other than he hates me. You can't send me to NEW YORK on a DIET. On my OWN. I'm totally eating carbs this week with no one here to stop me, oh yes I am, and I might even get fries. Jamie called me yesterday having an existential crisis after eating chilli cheese fries so close to runway. That is not psychologically sound. Plus Jamie is so rammable he'd actually have to start injecting lard for anyone to drop him. I bet that would be like the grossest thing to watch ever. Would you die? I bet you would die. You die if you inject air, huh? but like lard can properly be melted and thinned down... idk. I'm trying to gross myself out cause they have a krispy kreme here and I can't knowingly eat any fat before getting on the plane because that is cheating. Ha, knowingly eat- like some krispy kreme ninja is gonna slip an Original Glazed into my salad (pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease).

Oh you know what I'm not even bummed out about that. It's not food. I'm missing out on so much this week I'm away like I can't even tell you. The rock thing at Bes and the Premier and this really really good party on the 16th that almost everyone in the world seems to be going to and I was GUEST LIST fml. And.... ok, shut up, and Valentine's Day. I've never been with someone on Valentine's Day. Ever. It's still a big deal to me. I know it's stupid, and I know I'm with someone who very publicly has slated Valentine's day forever and ever amen, and I know it's just a commercial money spinner designed to make couples feel the need to spend and singles want to end it all but I've been that single for all my life, forever, and I just at least wanted to be on the same continent as him and that doesn't even work as a thing because the uk is a stupid ISLAND. And I'm sleepy and I don't want to go and wah.

It's ok, I'm being a child, I know that. I have this brilliant life and I've been so fortunate and I shouldn't complain, I know I know. But I am stalking the shit out of my favorite pasta bars when I land. Oh yes I am. I'd like to see the fool who thinks he can get between me and my baked penne marinara.

I might get a full fat coke for breakfast.

Living on the edge, baby x

Jan. 26th, 2011



Oh My Godddddddddd and other profanities.

So I'm back, obviously, have been for a couple of days but weves not like I've had time to sit down really, and see how everyone's lives are going (One part outraged to two parts amused and a sprinkling of loved up sap ♥ like it should be) or annnything ever because if I'm not playing chauffeur then I'm AT THE GYM and omfg this bitch is working me so hard you have no idea. But like save the boo hoo's because you know what I had totally forgotten about endorphines from properly properly going for it and aaaaah my God feel the burn, yes yes yes that's WAY better than just eating salad and hoping for the best.

But this trainer (OK I'll like bitch for half a second then I'm done I swear I swear xx) is totes totes harsh, like you know how trainers are supposed to be dicks WELL she is taking that to a whole new level- she asked me for my measurements so she could get me a decent support bra for next time- HOW HARSH IS THAT?? Actually I'm laughing now but at the time (rowing machine, I don't wanna talk about it) I was like so close to tears of FURY- I think I only got through the session because I was running on hatred alone. Support bra- shut up; any single one of you can try and cop a feel and I can GUARANTEE you you will come away feeling more frustrated than a geek on prom night. UGH. and she's called CASSIE. And she's from WASHINGTON- no one is FROM Washington seriously. And she has a stupid ginger fringe.

My Telling Off wasn't tooo bad. Well, Obviously I missed Paris (that was a given due to the amazing fight we had around Christmas where I told him where he could shove his Low carb turkey salad, oh yes.) and I'm not allowed Milan (he gets me where it HURTS.) BUT I have a Yohji Yamamoto (GET EXCITED.) shoot on the 28th (flying tomorrow, ugh, and it begins) and then I'm off for NY FW from the 10th tooo the 15th (Dunno why I'm only walking on the 13th for CK. Well, I do know why, but it's not a GOOD reason.) and then on the 23rd I'm doing LDN FW and THEN on the 28th I'm doing a shoot for iD with Jamie and Jake ♥ UGH THEY ARE SO FIT I will look like a fucking retard next to them. I always do. Like ALWAYS. Jamie's too pretty ;____; and that's us up to the merry onth of March where I am not tooooo sure what's going on yet because Ap is all LOSE SOME WEIGHT BEFORE YOU HUG ME, RON about it and so I guessss he wants me in swimwear and he's not sure if I'll get it. TBF on him he's right I will need to be PRISTINE to get that, and I'm such a summertime boy... Uuugh. Gym gym gym, gym is my best friend. it will be worth it when I'm a MULTIMILLIONAIRE by 30 and never have to worry about what I buy ever (usually Freddo's and pick n mix, tbh.)

I think I got Zara as well- bit of high street action is always good, except when you have to go shopping and are just confronted of sixteen hundred pictures of YOUR FACE. Second date ever with J like ages and ages ago I needed new jeans, thought I could just run in and grab a pair, didn't realize the store also stocked CK's and my FACE over the shop floor, like WOW ok, believed you the first time didn't need to prove it, you vain ass >.<

So yeaaaah that's my work, boo hoo so much flying boooo. It must be SOOOOOOOO HARD getting to go all these brilliant places bla bla BLA SHUT UP.

It is though so much easier now that I'm not also beginning to prep for exams because OH WAIT THAT'S RIGHT I passed them all :D I should probably look into doing something with that massive degree I spent 12 years of my life working for. It's not so bad working in hospitals, I did that a lot when I was in foundation 1 and 2, obs, and it is... naw it is really hard actually, but more emotionally than anything.

WOW OFF TRACK. aaaaaanyway my darlings I hope you are all peachy keen and I will catch you later- just now me and my abs have an appointment with pain.


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